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Let City Mart Energy help save you money at your traditional unbranded retail location! We currently have supply with 22 different unbranded suppliers and we have product across all terminals in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri. We also have access to branded fuels in most of these terminals allowing you to take advantage of the absolute cheapest fuels in your market. We offer flexible terms with competitive pricing all while having some of the lowest freight rates in the market. City Mart Energy is also committed to helping you improve all aspects of your store as we offer you the ability to enroll in our grocery buying group through Imperial Trading Company and can get you enrolled in our industry leading credit card program. Please contact your area sales representative today to discuss tailoring an unbranded fuel purchasing program to fit your unique needs!

  • City Mart Energy offers supply from 22 unbranded suppliers across terminals in Oklahoma, Texas, Arkansas, Kansas, and Missouri.
  • Branded products also available in most terminals to offer a true lowest available rack price.
  • Industry leading credit card processing with a total markup of base interchange plus a flat 2.75 cents.
  • Flexible payment terms with competitive pricing to your local market.
  • Assistance in designing your own proprietary image.