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We are excited and proud to have team with Sinclair to offer their license program to customers located in Texas.  This unique program brings the Sinclair brand and their newly designed Centennial Image to your retail outlet all why letting you purchase the cheapest fuels in your market.  Below are just a few of perks of joining the Sinclair family through this unique program:

  • A fresh and new brand image.
  • Simple terms and conditions for the license program.
  • Affordable image cost.
  • Competitively priced credit card fees.
  • 100 years of experience in marketing fuels.

Please contact your sales representative today to learn more about becoming one of the first Sinclair locations in Texas.

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VP Racing Fuels

Are you looking to set your location apart from the competition?  Do you think your store will benefit with out of the box marketing and product offerings?  VP Racing Fuels could be right for you!  The VP program provides your location with the following advantages:

  • Lowest credit card rates in the branded fuels market.
  • Ability to purchase fuel on a low rack basis.
  • New streams through VP branded products.
  • Site specific marketing programs to target your main customer demographic.
  • Up to 100% image financing through preferred lenders.

Please contact your sales representative today to learn more about the exciting programs City Mart Energy has to offer through the Sunoco brand!

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City Mart Energy is helping to expand the iconic Gulf fuel brand as Gulf grows its operations from coast to coast.  We are excited to offer our dealers two unique programs to suit their ever expanding needs.  Your retail outlet can be branded Gulf through a traditional branded program in markets where Gulf has supply or in markets where they currently do not have supply we can brand you through a license program.  This license program offers your outlet all great perks of the Gulf brand while also giving you the benefit of purchasing fuel on a lowest rack basis.

  • Offer both traditional rack pricing and site licensing programs.
  • Loyalty Programs allows consumers to earn points for Gulf fuel purchase all while shopping at any of thousands of participating locations.
  • Newly designed Gulf Sunrise Image.
  • Multiple marketing platforms for Gulf brand exposure driving consumers to your retail locations.
  • Strong branded credit card programs.

Contact your City Mart Energy sales team to learn more about Gulf and these exciting programs!