Having spent the past twelve years purchasing fuel from various wholesalers at his convenience store chain in Southwest Oklahoma, Brent Bostick set out to start a new, more customer friendly wholesale company. In 2008, City Mart Energy was founded with little more than one transport and an eagerness to build a fuel supply and distribution company that operated with a retailer’s point of view. The unwavering desire to improve the bottom line of our dealers has led to a constant pursuit of value added packages to better suit the needs of our customers.

The following timeline illustrates a few major milestones in our journey to developing a unique bundle of services for our current and future customers:


City Mart Energy, LLC is founded.


City Mart Energy teams with Imperial Trading Company to implement a “Buying Group” program that is only offered to City Mart Energy dealers. This package offers smaller operators pricing on tobacco and grocery that is only available to large retail chains.


City Mart Energy founds Texoma Pump. Our new pump service, underground storage construction, and POS installation division allows us to provide our customers all of their service and installation needs in a timely fashion and at a discounted price.


We begin to offer consignment programs to our current and future dealers. These programs afford the customer with state of the art equipment and fuel systems at no upfront cost.


Our relationship with Ignite Payments allows to us to offer our customers with some of the lowest credit card fees in the entire industry. You only pay interchange rates plus 4 cents!


City Mart Energy unveils Accel Fuels. Our proprietary brand offers dealers many of the benefits of a major brand while allowing them to capitalize on the advantages of offering unbranded fuel.


We expand our wholesale and distribution operations into Texas.


City Mart Energy becomes the first wholesale company to offer the Sunoco brand in Oklahoma and Texas. This new relationship brings an expanding brand to the region and offers several unique advantages when compared to the traditional brands in the area.


Valero and Alon are added to City Mart Energy's branded fuel offerings.


We expand our operations into Missouri, Kansas, and Arkansas.


City Mart Energy brands the first Sunoco retail outlets in the State of Missouri.

Our commitment to bringing a cohesive and affordable fuel program to your location will always keep us searching for the next program to improve your bottom line. We look forward to a continued prosperous relationship with our current customers and to building a strong relationship with new retail locations.